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Purchasing through us ensures that you will be dealing with someone who knows the products, not just a salesmen out for a commission. You wont be a buy and forget customer. you will get personal and professional help when you need it.


Yuneec Drones Australia is part of a global Hong Kong based group of companies, that develop build and sell Commercial and Consumer drones worldwide. Get access to repairs and spares where ever you are.

Yuneec Drones Australia directly supports Australasia and its surrounding areas.

All of our products come with a 1 year warranty term and 1 year free technical assistance.

Yuneec Drones Australia services and repairs all Yunnec Products. We try to maintain all current spare parts to get your asset back in the air as quick as possible.

Multicopter for beginners and professionals

We offer a diverse selection of drone models for a wide range of applications. From entry-level models that introduce you to the safe flying of a drone thanks to various flight modes and helpful security features, to a commercial drone with thermal camera to help you identify and extinguish fire hotspots faster. At YUNEEC, everyone will find the right model for their purposes.


Yuneec has pushed the limits above and beyond in electric aviation for over 15 years. From the first commercially successful ready-to-fly fixed wing RC airplane, to ground-breaking electric aircraft and drone systems for commercial use. 

YUNEEC Typhoon H3

Co-engineered with Leica

The Typhoon H3 with ION L1 Pro camera combines Yuneec's awarded drone technology with Leica's outstanding camera technology. The drone has been specially developed for photographers and videographers who want to rediscover the world from above in a new look. User-defined image mode and focus settings, lossless digital zoom and superior image quality make the ION L1 Pro the camera of choice in its class for all aspects of aerial photography.

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Foldable drone with gimbal stabilization

Mantis G – next-level content creation! Open it up, turn it on, and watch it take off: Now it’s easy to create photos and videos from a whole new perspective. With the integrated gimbal, you can produce smooth videos in full HD and 4K resolutions. A single battery charge gives you over 30 minutes of flying time, and the Mantis G’s PX4 flight controller ensures you’ll have no shortage of fun while flying and a nearly legendary degree of stability.

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Professional drone for commercial use

Designed for inspection, law enforcement, security, construction, surveying and mapping applications that require the highest levels of flight time, security and flexibility, the H520 can be equipped with a variety of camera systems that are ideal for professional photography and filming.

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YUNEEC Typhoon H Plus

Safe multicopter for demanding users

A powerful and highly reliable Hexacopter with a new PX4 based flight controller, 1" 4K camera for excellent picture quality and 4K video as well as automatic flight modes from Follow Me to Return Home. The Yuneec drone with 6 rotors that meets the needs of every photographer and videographer.

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When it comes to our drones, we not only rely on cool features and versatility, but also on safety: Yuneec drones are equipped with helpful features like a return home function, pre-programmed no-fly zones, a virtual fence that prevents your copter from flying too far away from you and additional security measures. In addition, many of our drones are hexacopter. Thanks to the 6-rotor system, our drones can still be controlled and landed safely with 5 rotor, even in the event of a motor failure.